1760' in hills west of Atascadero

claudia freitas <cfreitas@...>

Had our first Bullock's oriole in yard this morning. A gorgeous male came
in to the half oranges I had place out near some seed feeders.

What we are seeing regularly right now:

Band tailed pigeons
dark eyed juncos
house finches
Calif towhees
Spotted towhees
Cal quail
Golden-crowned sparrows of all ages
White crowned sparrows of all ages
western bluebirds - getting very interested in nest boxes
Anna's hummer - one female is on nest with 2 babies in our cypress
Rufous hummer
Hermit thrush
Amer robins
red-tailed hawks
turkey vultures
starlings - just fly-bys
crows - fly-bys
house wrens
black phoebe
say's phoebe
violet-green swallows - a few days ago
yellow-rumped warblers were here but are now missing
lesser goldfinches

In the oak grove across from us but not really in our yard:
scrub jays
steller's jays
great horned owls
red-shouldered hawks
oak titmice
chestnut backed chickadees

I think that's it for now.
Claudia Freitas in the hills of west Atascadero from which we can see the

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