Hermit Warbler

Maggie Smith

This morning I birded Biddle Park and was surprised to see a very dull  HERMIT WARBLER at the very back edge of the park in the Bobcat site.  It had extensive olive on the auricular patches and no streaking on the breast.  I know it's too early for a Spring migrant by a few weeks so assume it's an overwintering bird.  

Last week 3 /13 I had a  singing male BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK  off Lopez Drive.  This according to Tom Edell was 8 days earlier then the early record.  Since I don't bird  this  area except just before/during Spring migration, I think this bird too may have overwintered there or somewhere nearby.  Staying closer to home has its advantages.

At Mabel French Boy Scout Camp, there was a male and female WOOD DUCK in the flooded back portion of the Wittenberg Arm.
Maggie Smith
Arroyo Grande

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