north coast

Kevin Zimmer

Back from an absolutely gorgeous morning on the north coast (mostly spent photographing shorebirds). No sign of the Harlequin Duck around the Cayucos pier or on the rocks to the northwest of the creek mouth. Also, no sign of the Caracara at his usual haunts, although I confess to not having spent a lot of time looking.

The beach at the mouth of Old Creek (Cayucos) had an impressive concentration of 68 Semipalmated Plovers, along with the usual Whimbrels, Marbled Godwits, Long-billed Curlews and Sanderlings.

The rocks northwest of the Cayucos Creek mouth had ca. 30 Black Turnstones, 10+ Surfbirds and a Wandering Tattler. There were another 20+ Black Turnstones, 8 Surfbirds and 1 Ruddy Turnstone in the rocky cove below the north end of Ocean Drive (Cayucos).

20+ Violet-green Swallows circling high above the elephant seal viewing area (parking lot) were the first ones I've seen this spring, and at least half that many White-throated Swifts were in with them. Also interesting to watch a Glaucous-winged Gull and 4 Turkey Vultures fighting over an elephant seal carcass.

Kevin Zimmer

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