January 11 North Coast update

Kevin Zimmer

I spent a few hours birding the North Coast yesterday. The 1st-cycle Glaucous Gull was back at San Simeon Creek mouth (once again in with a large aggregation of gulls), and the immature Common Gallinule was still along the creek as well.

Little Pico Creek mouth had 3 female Hooded Mergansers.

Arroyo Laguna creek mouth once again had 2 male Common Mergansers, this time joined by 6 females.

Hearst Ranch pastures still with 1 Golden Eagle, 2 imm Bald Eagles and 1 adult Bald Eagle.

I should also mention something that I left off my 1/9 post: there were 5 Barn Swallows and 1 Tree Swallow foraging low over the beach at the Old Creek mouth (none of which were seen yesterday). Struck me as a bit early for Barn Swallows anywhere other than south county.

Kevin Zimmer

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