Glaucous Gull & other north coast birds

Kevin Zimmer

At ca. 1:30 p.m., Bill Rucci and I had a 1st-cycle Glaucous Gull (good photos) at the San Simeon Creek Mouth. The Glaucous was in with a mixed-species flock of at least 500 gulls (1 Thayer's, multiple Glaucous-wingeds, a few Glaucous-winged X Western hybrids, and 1 likely Glaucous X Herring hybrid, along with impressive numbers of Herring Gulls (50+) and masses of California, Mew & Westerns).

There were almost no gulls present when we stopped earlier in the morning. I counted a minimum of 52 Snowy Plovers there, but there were probably many more. On the inland side of the bridge, we had a pair of Hooded Mergansers and a male Common Merganser, as well as the immature Common Gallinule -- all of this in the morning around 0930.

Also 2 male Common Mergansers at Arroyo Laguna, along the creek mouth on the west side of Hwy. 1 (where there was also some pretty vigorous elephant seal jousting going on).

Also a lone female Hooded Merganser at Little Pico Creek (under the bridge), and a male Black Scoter offshore from there (in with 50+ Surf Scoters).

We did not see any geese at the Hearst pastures, but there were 2 imm. Bald Eagles chasing one another around + 1 adult Bald Eagle + 1 Golden Eagle + 1 Ferruginous Hawk and multiple White-tailed Kites and Red-tails. Also a single Burrowing Owl.

Kevin Zimmer

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