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Browsing my collection, I wonder which of the slide rule producing brands still exist today, that are alo still in the 'analog' way of doing things or its modern offspring

Aristo --
Faber Castell --
Standardgraph --
Pickett -- drafting materials

Fuji -- still on technical products
Ricoh -- technical office solutions
Ahrend -- still on officie supply
Wolters-Noordhoff -- still on school materials



Alan Williams

Blundell Harling -
British Thornton -
Jakar -

Maynard Wright, P. E., W6PAP

There are other products whose makers survive that are sometimes surprising.  I've been a fan of H. K. Porter steam locomotives for a long time although I haven't collected any.  Some years ago I bought a new shovel at The Home Depot and was surprised to find H. K. Porter's name on it as a subsidiary of Disston.

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Blundell Harling -
British Thornton -
Jakar -

Alan Williams

Similarly, the famous German instrument maker Riefler now produces office furniture, much like British Thornton does in the UK.

On a separate note, my fridge is made by Liebherr who mostly specialize in cranes and construction machinery.

Gabriel Vanderdonck

Concise (JP) - (circular slide rules)
Pooleys - (took over Aristo Aviat range in 1965 and still makes Aviat 617's)

Andreas Poschinger

Not to forget:


Not related to sliderules: in the past the maker of Bavarias and Germanies most
likely finest compasses. Especially their large compasses with quick
adjustment was famous. Some few ys ago they still sold spareparts and
remaining stock. Their compasses were also sold under "Rotring" label
and internationally maybe better known under this label. as maybe the oldest camera producer in the world
still making cameras. You still may get spareparts of a wide range of
what they've made. Their large tripods e.g. are still made until today,
and so the spareparts you need for one of the 60iers... The current
owner I was told is happy if they make a small plus and for him the
company seems to be a kind of hobby. They still are in their old rooms
from the 50ies and 60ies in Munich, and if they would turn into a real
estate holding, most likely they would earn more money than with the

Many companies disappeared with their name but continue to produce what
they've got famous for; in Bavaria the most famous steam locomotive
producer was maybe Maffei, which first was bought by the second steam
loco producer Krauss, forming Krauss Maffei, and then they were bought
by Siemens and Wegmann. Siemens Mobility is still in the old locomotive
hall producing locomotives and Wegmann still produces tanks on the other
side of the road.

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Alan Williams

John Mann


White and Gillespie ">W&G<" Australia has renamed itself after it's popular Mathomat line.

They still sell hand and machine scale rules, set squares, Douglas Square Protractor ...


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