Re: Light into Darkness : Wingate

Tom and Lu Wetmore

On Jun 3, 2020, at 5:52 AM, Andreas Poschinger <andreas.poschinger@...> wrote:

I wonder whether Wingate published this scale layout also in France, and
whether this may be the reason how they came to the Beghin rules by
using "sliding wingates" first.

In his French version, which was the first he wrote, Wingate included only the three Gunter lines, numbers, sines, and tangents, and like Gunter's versions, they were not a full two decades, they started just below 1 degree on the sine and tangent lines.

I had been wondering why they were not a full two decades. But I was reading the complete works of Gunter last night and indeed he does say this, that the lower decade is not as complete, and that they only need to start a one degree. He also justified the fact that the lower decade does not have as many tick marks as the upper decade, by implying that calculations can almost always be done only on the upper decade.

Tom Wetmore

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