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Edward Dean Butler

Hi Karl:

I am still anxiously awaiting your presentation on the KRS40!

I hope the situation in world lets us all get together for this presentation and others you are preparing.


On May 28, 2020, at 1:10 PM, Karl Kleine <karl.kleine@...> wrote:

Hello Rod, Meine, Jose, and all the other readers of the list,

why not wait a bit for plan K, Rod, if I may say so: Many readers here might remember
my presentations at the IM 2012 Bletchley Park, a pre-version at IM 2010 Leiden and RST
meetings of slide rules in the movies. [if not, shame on you for not joining the real life
collector's meetings -- joint OS, UKSRC, KRING and last not least RST and come to our
meetings -- there is much more than just this virtual community on the internet!] Over
time I collected even more references to movies with slide rules, even if I did not update
this presentation with the many short film snippets. But this takes time, effort and
last not least money, as I do insist on checking with my own eyes. It is important to have
validated specimen, not just hearsay, as well as proper full references with supporting
data. We can't trust brief notes on the internet.

So it is one of my long running low priority projects. I do have longer list than any other
I know about, and it has the required quality. All of it will be part of an in-depth article
on the subject. And I'm still collecting and verifying. I took the issue raised here as a
trigger to go through my notes and lists of hints to check the next batch of additions.
That is to say, there is work in progress. But it will take some time. Right now I have
a couple of other, more pressing issues at hand. So the article and the publication of
the list will unfortunately have to wait. Presumably until fall, as there won't be a IM
this year due to the Corona pandemic, and I'm afraid that we may have to cancel other
slide rule collector meetings in fall this year as well. So that's about my time frame.
Sorry, but that's life.

But to give you something to look at, here is a nice documentary, showing among other
things a Thatcher, a large Gilson Binary, a planimeter (I think it's a K&E), a mechanical
adding machine and drawing tools [@17:12...]. No, I will not tell you now; you have to
find out yourself what was designed with these tools :-) !
I might from time to time also post here other such references to online available material.

If you have any other hints or references ragarding slide rules in the movies, please
let me know by personal mail to karl.kleine@...


Prof. Karl Kleine - c/o Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena, Germany - karl.kleine@...

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Hi Jose, Meine,

I'll wait for a few more days to see if Craig replies but if not Plan D
which I've already started to map out.

More details later.



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