Re: slide rule sightings database at ISRG



As plan D you may refer to the Spanish forum, where there is a thread on same theme. It's not a table but you could get one from there...

El mié., may. 27, 2020 a 17:40, Rod Lovett
<rod@...> escribió:
Hi meine,

I emailed Craig sometime ago but have not yet received a reply.

If I don't get a reply then it's Plan C or is it Plan D?



On 27-05-2020 16:31, meine wrote:
> I just tried the wayback machine and searched for 'slide rule yahoo'
> and
> 'yahoo ISRG'.
> there was only one hit at the latter string, but it went to some Mac
> archive, defenately not slide rule related.
> my only option is that someone sends an email to Craig Kielhofer and
> ask
> him for a copy...
> //meine
> On Sat, May 23, 2020 at 01:18:40AM +0000, Thorpe, Jeffrey wrote:
>> Has anybody tried the wayback machine? ( )
>> J

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