Re: The Changing of the Guard, New Opportunity, Old data

Andreas Poschinger

Hi Judas,

well, I would say that we should not look back into the past too much and if we do, that we also see the positive. Eventually Andrew Davis took out moderation of messages, and if nothing can be done without Craigs permission, then he must have given it.

If anybody is here in the new group who has access to Craig, then please invite him to join, maybe even as an owner as I offered; this would give continuity (by Andrew Davis who most likely also would join in this case and help) while we have the possibilty for change.

For my part I will try to go back to business as usuall, and to post slide rule related messages again; here and not anylonger there.

For my feeling we simply vote by where we post.

I would prefer if we leave nobody behind and if we do not break up into two parts and will support anything for that but I also do not fear it.

According to who posts and how much: We could decide on owner elections e.g. all two ys; one could e.g. only voted if having at least 20 slide rule related posts within the last year!-)

Best regards


PS: I could not read all messages in all deepness today. If there is anything technical or anything about group settings please contact us directly by our email addresses or the owner address. Those messages I try to understand in every detail.

Am 18.10.2019 um 19:06 schrieb Judas Cross:

Hi Andreas,
      I believe that Craig Kielhofer controls the Yahoogroup sliderule. He never posts himself. And other people have quit the sliderule Yahoogroup and started slide rule groups on Facebook because of his bad moderation . You see that moderation can lead to corruption. In order to make an appeal to the other members, you have to get through Craig. But of course it is Craig that you are complaining about so he won’t let you communicate with the other members. This is basic corruption. Michael O’leary was also corrupt. He would ban people he didn’t like. Judas.

On Fri, Oct 18, 2019 at 12:25 PM Andreas Poschinger <andreas.poschinger@...> wrote:

When there were proplems on the yahoo group in July ore before when I
anounced that I will leave the group if moderation isn't switched off I
actually greated two groups: this one and opensliderule on yahoo!-) I
also was pissed about that it was even not known for me who is the owner
of the group.

I would be open and would support if the group can get space at oughtred
society. I am don't know yet who it is there  and how the structures
are, but if the structures are in a way that there is not a single point
of failure then that may be a good idea.

As long as nobody from Oughtred shows up and tells us how this could go
I would continue with the merge to though it may be slower
than some of you want.

All all data is technically stored away. The messages are available as a
dump. If somebody likes them to have them available well formated NOW
and not in some 3months and would spend 25$ for that: please let me
know. I found a program which most likely would do it; with this we
would have the old messages well formatted within this weekend.

Best regards


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