Re: Brand new slide rules -- 50 years old and some observations #Aristo

Mike Markowski

Meine, congrats on finding your new sliderules, which waited half a century to find you.  When Herman was active on this list he offered advice to engineers that he called Wisecracks.  Every now and then I re-share the link since the advice is helpful to engineers, especially new ones, though I'm not sure how many new engineers would be on this list.  :-)

I need to reformat it.  The arrow navigation is a little annoying, but I was learning html at the time and was trying things out.  Sorry!

Mike Markowski

On Wed, Feb 12, 2020 at 2:35 PM meine <trialero@...> wrote:
The second special thing on this slide rule is that it is missing in the basic list of the ISRM, although it is described and depicted in Herman van Herwijnen's list and on Rod's site. [...]

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