Brand new slide rules -- 50 years old and some observations #Aristo


Today I received a brand new Aristo JuniorTrig 0902 B. Probably I am the second or third one to open the box and get the slide rule out of the red-white case. I really like getting a brand new slide rule that lied somewhere for over 50 years. Some time ago I got three Ahrend Sun Hemmi NO.P281 that came out of a cabinet of a Physics teacher -- never used, the edges were still a bit rough and unpolished, his daughter sold them to me and I got the lot of all three brand new rules. The multitude makes it more special for my collection than just a missing model.

The JuniorTrig is special in several ways. First the cardboard box has a price sticker on it. Back in 1971 (coded 3LR60), it cost 24,70 or 26,70 Dutch Guilders (bad readable), between €11,21 and €12,11 without inflation correction. That makes the €15 I payed a reasonable price for me.

The second special thing on this slide rule is that it is missing in the basic list of the ISRM, although it is described and depicted in Herman van Herwijnen's list and on Rod's site. My feeling is that this rule isn't seen very often.

The only thing I have to find out is the 'B' after the 0902. Aristo used letters for several slide rules, giving name to it as an improved version of an existing model (we still do the same by adding numbers to types of cars etc.)

The third remarkable thing about the JuniorTrig is that on the back side there is only one combination (C/D scales) that link the tongue to the body, and that there is no scaling on the top half of the tongue linking to the body -- see the images of the back side on Rod's site. Within my 'modest collection' of about 50 slide rules, I will have to look at it, but as far as I know, I don't have any rules where there is only one set of scales that connect the body to the tongue. At first glance, it looks like if something is missing, and probably there was no need to fill in the available space with some other scales... On the other hand, some extra white space makes the layout of this JuniorTrig easy to read and not cramped or cluttered like on other brands. It has some special combinations on 'just' a default size (33 x 4,4 cm) slide rule. Easiness to read is something all Aristo slide rules have...

Just some positive news from me on a Wednesday evening ;-)

Kind Regards,


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