Re: Use of Inverse LogLog scales First resume

Andreas Poschinger


I interpret Rods questions also like do we really need inverse LL scales?

From my point of view not necessarily. In most practical cases I know
about the use of LL scales as replacement is almost as effective.

But what is really needed? One may say that a Mannheim is sufficient as
well. Or for a long time there obviously was not seen a need to have a
CI scale, also not on Rietzes, Electros and others.

Since my Hemmi 149A I feel this to be the optimal layout for my need as
long as hyperlog not needed, with inverted LL scales not necessarily
needed. So a simplex slide rule with LL2 and LL3 as well as Trig on
Slide bound to C/D would be sufficient. Thats why I started to play a
lot with the Nestler 37 Electro. On the Nestler however it is a
disturbing for me that the LL scale is bound to A.

Which wooden or plastics simplex slide rule exists with A B C D,
preferably but not neccessary CI, necessarily SIN TAN on slide both
bound to C/D, L and ST not necessary, and necessarily LL2 / LL3 bound to
D on body, LL1 ok but not necessary, prefereably but not necessary a
second C on Trig side of slide?

I remember the Graphoplex 640 but thats it.

For those prefering TrigOnBody the very late Faber D Stab and Aristo
BiScolar LLs with second S on slide may have been the most value for
money duplex scale layout for general purpose; they do not have inversed
LL scales.

Which duplex sliderule models are compareably efficient with TrigOnSlide?

Best regards


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