Re: lologs and ilologs

Andreas Poschinger

Hi Rod,

today I have an online meeting. I will write something together the next
days. The mean usages for me right now are:

Inverse numbers in their precise value without taking care of the
decimal point

Calculation of e^(t/T) which is the important function for many
technical problems and

Calculation of cosh / sinh / tanh if those scales are not existant.

Best regards


Am 18.05.2022 um 20:36 schrieb Rod Lovett:

Hi Andreas,

I was merely interested in the uses for an inverse log log function.



On 18-05-2022 11:27, Andreas Poschinger wrote:
Hi Rod,

to be honest, when flying over the paper I did not find the point in the
paper other that somehow the invention history of the inverse Loglog
scales is described. Did I miss something? Or is question simply  why we
could need inverse LogLog scales?

Best regards


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