Re: Russians use slide rules on Tupolev Tu-160 Bombers

Andreas Poschinger

At least they have a calculator, even quite reliable without battery problems...

On "my" tank some 33 ys ago now so far I remember there was no calculator at all other than some tick marks in optical instruments.  You mean 33ys ago but thats not today? Well, after all together meanwhile 50 ys the tank type is still in use...

...and on top it even can be operated to shoot when the batteries are empty using cranks to move the turret and a manually operated hydraulic pump for loading the cannon for the first shot. 33ys ago I already had the feeling to sit in a rolling and shooting museum.

Am 24.11.2021 um 16:57 schrieb Mike Yancey:

This was an interesting article (with video embedded) that came up this morning.
It does note that American students use E6Bs for fuel consumption and other calculations.
I used to fly “back in the day” and the back-side of the E6B has the most clever tool: a graphical heading calculator which allows you to draw your course and wind which will give your your desired heading to fly.

All the best...

Mike Yancey
Dallas, Texas, USA

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