Flying Fish 1018

Andreas Poschinger


I took some pictures of my "new" Flying Fishes 1018:

Those two flying fishes to my knowlodge were bought at two different
sources, though I am not absolutely sure. But I have two pictures from

One shows the one with inscription was in the grey box as in the order
of the pictures at sliderulePictures1 . According to the Chinese
pictures this one was also in its original transparent plastics sleeve
and had the instruction with it. It is not unlikely that this slide rule
is from 1975 since the long number scratched into one of the end braces
shows 1975 in the beginning. Strange however that the grey flying fish
box has a fying fish logo while the slide rule itself does not.  Please
note that the end braces do not show some rectangular kind of production
marks as usual on flying fishes.

The other Chinese picture shows the one 1018 slide rule with flying fish
logo beside the blue box without flying fish logo. This slide rule shows
80 -|- on its end. The pictures could be interpreted to show 89 or
turned around 68 but by eye it is quite clear 80. This slide rule has
also the typical rectangular marks on the endbraces.

Also the cursor glasses are slightly different. The cursor glasses of
the one with flying fish logo seems to be identical to my FF1002 seen on
the bottom.

I wonder whether those slide rules were from the same seller and mixed
up in there boxes. The grey FF1018 box is despite the color much more
similar to the box of my FF1002 than the blue FF1018 box which has quite
different dimensions and the Sida logo.

With respect to wear and coloring the non flying fish logo with
inscription should fit into the blue Sida box, while the other should go
in the grey flying fish logo box. On the other hand strange that they
switched from blue to grey and back to blue. If the numbers can be taken
as hint for the year then the non flying fish logo 1018 would be from
1975 and the other with FF logo from 1980.

Is this likely?

Best regards


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