Flying Fish 1018

Andreas Poschinger


I am now the happy host of two Flying Fishes 1018. Unfortunately I have
not too much time this week.

But already some points:

One has at its end the print on the small side of the body: 80 -/-
whatever this means; 1980?. It came in its typical blue FF plastics
sleeve. I will check my others whether I find such inscriptions.

The other has some inscriptions on one of the endbraces. It also looks
like the last flying fish line, so no black end braces, but it came in a
grey rather than blue flying fish box. One of the inscriptions shows 75
and two Chinese characters. So maybe a hint to the year 75. I try to
document the inscriptions before I clean it, because it may be that the
inscriptions wear off, as they are already a little worn.

One of the two came with a copy of a 66 page instruction in Chinese. Is
this instruction known? I did not find it the net in the past. I've had
a small look to where hyperbolic functions of complex arguments are
explained. The good thing: It is covered in the instruction rather as
e.g. in the FF1002 instruction which I know. The bad thing, at least in
the first view: the recipe so far I understand is quite old fashioned
based on many intermediate values to write down and maybe quite similar
to the Hemmi 158 instruction. If the instruction was copied when the
sliderule was bought then it must have been bought in the 80ies since
the copy is a typical laser printer style copy of . So at least somehow
a hint that in the 80ies still some people in China used the FF1018 in a
serious way.

Best regards


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