Re: Aristo Multitrig 0929

Andreas Poschinger

Hi Jose, did you decode it, or were they stamped as you wrote?

The numbers Nº Registro: 144 y 165  and Nº Registro: 093 y 147, do they really all have the same scale layout and type code?

If we read e.g. 616 as June 1961 then we obtain:

a 929 Technica from Januar 53 with A [B T ST S ] D DI (Nº Registro: 088 )

a Aristo 0929 MultiRietz with A [B T ST S C] D DI from May 63 and Sept 59 (Nº Registro: 144 y 165 )

and a Aristo 0929 MultiTrig with A [B T ST S C] D DI from Jan 60 and March 61 (Nº Registro: 093 y 147 )

then we get a 829 MultiRietz with with A [B T ST S] D DI from June 61 (Nº Registro: 137 )

MultiTrig And MultiRietz with same scale layout were seamingly produced in parallel (makes sense for me!-).

Somehow it does not make too much sense if in June 61 an 829 without second C scale was produced. Maybe that they used old tools and consequently numbered 829 rather than 0829.

Best regards,


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