Re: Aristo Nr. 0929 and 0929 #Aristo

Maynard Wright, P. E., W6PAP

Interesting that people home in on certain numbers as if there were not an almost infinite pool of numbers available for assignment. One particularly confusing example is that Swan Electronics used 350 and 350C for a family of transceivers and 350A, 350B, and 350D for an entirely different, unrelated family of transceivers.

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On 9/27/21 6:44 AM, Rod Lovett wrote:
Hi Meine,

And to make things even more confusing the Aristo 929 MultiRietz has exactly the same scales as the Aristo 929 Technica  viz
Scales: (Front)     K, DF [CF, CIF, CI, C] D, L
Scales: (Back)          cm/ P, A [B, T, ST, S] D, DI /ins

I don't know which came first since the 929 MultiRietz is not mentioned in the K&K "Bible".



On 27-09-2021 14:27, meine wrote:
I discovered that Aristo has used the same number on two different
slide rules and a few sub-types:

Nr. 0929 MultiRietz

0929 MultiTrig

The MultiTrig where 'Aristo MultiTrig' is on the body has the same
scales as the MultiRietz. The MultiTrig where the name is on the slide
has more extensive scales, notably an extra T1 T2 and a 'splitting' of
P into P1 P2.

Adding complexity to later models is common, but I've never seen
before that the same number is used for in fact a different slide
rule. Maybe Aristo didn't dare to use a next higher number -- 0930
isn't a sexy number ;-)




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