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Hello all,

Yes, Ecobra was a West German company and today it is a still existing German company.

Another question is who ownes this company. I don't know the situation today, but in 1909 the Ecobra Company was bought by the Eugene Dietzgen Company and produced slide rules for the American market. Decades later Dietzgen bought slide rules from Faber-Castell and sold them under the Dietzgen brand name in the US.

Some years ago I was very interested in this connection Ecobra/Dietzgen and started to explore it a little bit deeper.

I was surprised I already knew the name of Eugene's father Joseph from my days as a student, because he was involved in German's 19th century politics and I grew up only a few km away from where the Dietzgen family lived.

I found out many details and will give you some links to read more if you are interested in it...
If you follow the links you will learn about Joseph (in German some times written with an 'f' at the end) Dietzgen and his son Eugene (his German Eugen) and his grand daughter Vera Dietzgen Feldmann. But you also will hear about the years in Russia, Joseph's years in the US, Eugene's economic success in the US and his return to Europe; about Vera in Switzerland and even about the Olympic Games 1936 in Berlin and an East German stamp from 1978 showing Eugene's father Joseph.

And it ends with results of a project by a professor of the UCSB about all this, including an one hour interview with Vera Dietzgen Feldmann which you can download and listen.

Here is a German language lecture I gave at a RST some years ago:


And these are English language links:

- (the Dietzgen history is at the end)

- (here is the stamp showing Eugene's father Joseph)

- (a lot of information and the interview with Vera Dietzgen Feldmann)

Enjoy this barely slide rule related stuff,


Am 19.09.2021 um 21:43 schrieb Andreas Poschinger:

!-) Yes, Ecobra is not GDR; it is a Bavarian company it stands for Eichmüller & Co, Bayerische Reißzeugfabrik AG

Partially it seems very complicated what they really produced for themselves. As a student I bought dividers from them I think they really produced them. Not the same quality (and price...) as Haff but very robust. 

Am 19.09.2021 um 21:18 schrieb meine:
On Sun, Sep 19, 2021 at 12:08 PM, Rod Lovett wrote:
LL3 LL2 A = B CI C = D K LL1
hmmm, have to learn how to use search engines better -- adding the '#s'

The Jakar has the same scales on the back of the slide as my NoName vendex.

Jakar seems to be Japanese, most on the ISRM made by Fuji



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