Re: Pickett erratum

Maynard Wright, P. E., W6PAP

Hi, Rick,

I didn't receive emails from this group for awhile earlier in the year for some reason, so I missed your April posting.

The endpoints of the LL0 scale are incorrectly labeled "e" on early examples of the K& E 4092-3.  The same LL0 scale on the 4091-3 rule, and on later 4092-3 rules, correctly labels the endpoints of LL0 "e ^ -.1."

Best regards,

Maynard Wright

On 7/23/21 11:57 AM, Rick - WA6NDR wrote:
> This factoid may be of zero value, but it always interests me to see what slips by proofreaders.

You described an error in Pickett-published instructions.  Coincidentally, I recently posted slide rule errors that describes an error on a Pickett rule that made it by proofreaders.

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