Re: Humanity!

Rod Lovett

Hi Eamonn,

Yes, Bill's paper is a magnificent read for people interested in K&E or slide rules or both.

Another David and Goliath story although here Goliath won!

I was thinking of a general interest story for people not necessarily interested in slide rules or indeed not necessarily knowing what they are!



On 15-06-2021 19:06, Eamonn wrote:
The Bill Robinson paper on Mendell Weinbach [1] and the development of
the 4093/4083 slide rules is the best example of a human interest
slide rule story that I am aware of.
Fortunately, Weinbach maintained a copy of all his correspondence with
K&E and his family donated his professional papers to the University
of Missouri. He also kept one of the test/prototype rules that were
used to evaluate different scale layouts. The 60 page paper is based
on 660 pages of material from the Weinbach archive, without which the
story could not have been told. While the paper gets a bit technical
in some places, I think the author did a marvelous job of presenting
the human side of the story behind the development these rules.

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