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Edward Dean Butler

I am sure Rod Lovett will publish stories such as the interesting N3 story in Skid Stick.

Many of us enjoy reading these stories!

E Dean Butler

On Jun 15, 2021, at 8:14 PM, Andreas Poschinger <> wrote:

Am 15.06.2021 um 20:06 schrieb Eamonn:
While the paper gets a bit technical in some places, I think the
author did a marvelous job of presenting the human side of the story
behind the development these rules.
Yes, I agree. That was the first "serious" English source, which I've
read on sliderules some two ys. ago. The Delamain and Oughtred papers of
course also have a deep personal side, but difficult to read for me and
not very positive...

I own some few sliderules with personal stories behind. The maybe
deepest is a Faber Electro which I spotted in the net but the price was
too high. I wanted to deal about the proce but the woman selling this
sliderule of his grandfather told me that she would rather donate the
sliderule to somebody that she would sell it to me at a lower price. So
the story was almost over until some months later again I came across
the very same sliderule at the same price. I remebered what she told me
and I decided to phone her. So if she liked to donate it she could
donate it to my university. But I did not come so far. After I sayed
hello at the phone and whether she remembers me she told me that her
grandson, a baby, died today. And I had several phone calls with her not
slide rule related. She eventually has sent me the sliderule and all the
time I see it I remember this story of course. Last time I saw it when
digging for the Electro with the Thornton 144 146 cursor. Maybe I
should phone her again.

Another far less deep but interesting story is a short Pickett N3 that
I've got from somebody living in East Germany. I've asked him whether he
originally is from the West, but he answered no. Then of course I wanted
to know how this sliderule, which hardly was found in West Germany made
it into German Democratic Republic. And it came out that he got it from
a friend being I believe from Mejico who studied with him I believe at
the Bergschule Eisleben. When he went back home he gave all he did not
need to the guy where I bought it from so that the sliderule stayed in
GDR. It is really the case that when not writuing thise things down and
I am nobody with regular journal, they get lost...

Best regards


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