Re: Unusual Combination

Andreas Poschinger

Thanks Bob, very interesting! Somehow the 144 is really boring
especially compared to the 146B.

Nevertheless a new question with the 144: It seems to be pretty much the
same time as the Darmstadt, and the basic layout principle is quite
identical. Which was first?

The 146B on the first view seems to be somehow a British Hemmi 153 with
Gd scale and differential Hypertrig on Slide. That is really cool! The
only problem I'd see in practical usage is, that for typical complex
calculations the slide needs to be turned in the middle of calculation
while the cursor saves the last value. If once you should have too many
of them I'd be interested... ...maybe it would be also fine without
cursor, if it had the same width as my cursor. Does a manual exist?

Best regards


Am 14.06.2021 um 08:10 schrieb Bob Adams:

I have uploaded scans of the PIC 144 and 146 slide rules

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