Inverted S, T, ST scales

Rick - WA6NDR

Message topic "ST scale endpoint" includes the following that I moved to this new message topic.

>> For example, I have referenced the Pickett N-16-ES image ...

> Are there examples for the use of the ST / S / T scales in its manual? Why are S T and ST the other way round? Is it maybe for impedance calculations when modeling wires as two terminal devices? There sometimes the normal trig with hyperbolic scales are needed together. The recipes for doing so are more or less complicated and work intensive. I never needed it it to do diring my studies; our respective Prof preferred the Smith Diagram, which most likely was more common in slide rule times to be used.

Those inverted S, T, and ST scales work with the CI scale instead of the more common C scale, but I don't know the benefits of doing this. Manuals for the Pickett N-16-ES are available here (original manual 11 pages, updated manual 59 pages, "N16 Electrolog" manual 33 pages).

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