Re: Collective name for sliderules

Paul Anderson

How about a table of slide rules?

On Apr 5, 2021, at 12:55 PM, Andreas Poschinger <> wrote:

´╗┐Pile is good...

What about "stack of log logs" ?

Happy Easter!


Am 05.04.2021 um 18:08 schrieb meine:
IMHO it depends on what type of slide rule user or collector you are.

Last month I visited a member of the Dutch Circle for Historical
Calculating Instruments or a chat and exchange of some things. He
mentioned that there are two types of slide rule collectors:

* those who collect to study the workings etc;

* those who collect to, ehhrr, just collect.

The latter category definately has a _pile_ of slide rules. Not meant to
be rude, but a pile can be fuzzy organized in a series of boxes, crates
and tables, including a display in the living quarters shared with The
Unaware of the Sheer Beauty of Analog Calculating Instruments.

The first one is more sophisticated, and has a _collection_ of slide
rules. Carefully layed out and administered, most of the specimen on
well presented display, climate controlled.

For all the boggers in between, searching for their Destination in the
Universe of Slide Rules, we merely have _a bunch of_ slide rules. Some
in display, some in a box, manuals lying all around, and a 20-something
set on the edge of your working desk waiting for examination attracting

In the mean time, it is appropriate to put me in the third class, as it
matches my situation best. I made a small display, have 1/4 of my desk
stacked with slide rules and an extra shelve and side table loaded (but
organized: the ones on the shelve are mostly pocket versions).

And a load of Artillery stuff that needs to be described...

Happy Easter,

Happy Collecting, Piling or just messing around ;-)


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