: my impressions

Andreas Poschinger

Hi sliderulers, yields the funtionality of a mailing list with the mails
arriving in 2 seconds.

Logging in at also delivers a forum functionality with modern
aspects such as chats and wiki. Please have a look. Just type in any
password (and keep it in mind). You'll get an email for first validation. supports for hashtags. With young people instagram is
currently the way to go, so for the future hashtagging might be
important and my guess is that hashtags won't disappear even if
instagram would disappear. supports for a user directory: you may set whether your
profile can be seen from other members of the group. would also allows to do an intergration with other services.

With respect to group management: everybody can get owner or moderator.

All together I'd say that seems to be a modern alternative to

There is however also a backside: The data limitation of 1GB for files,
pictures AND message attachements.

This would mean to stay on yahoo at least for the files or to find
another solution for them.

I am completely open how to proceed:

+ Just to stay with yahoo and beeing happy that responsetime is now 5
minutes and (hopefully) messages do not anylonger disappear. Therefor
maybe some new moderators are needed. For Middle European Timezone I
would be willing to serve if there are no others.

+ going a hybrid approach with as messaging and yahoo as file
server which seems to work there still very smoothly including email
within seconds.

+ going another hybrid approach with as messaging and some
page like as file server

Best regards

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