Re: Collective name for sliderules

Jerry McCarthy

A Logarithm of Slide Rules?

On Monday, 5 April 2021, 16:19:30 BST, Louis Gotlib <louis.gotlib@...> wrote:

A magnitude of slide rules 
A significance of slide rules 

Sent directly through the ether

On Apr 5, 2021, at 8:01 AM, Edward Dean Butler <edeanbutler@...> wrote:

I suggest the collective noun should be  “stash.”

E Dean Butler

On Apr 5, 2021, at 12:56 PM, Rod Lovett <rod@...> wrote:

Hello everyone,

A slide rule colleague poses the following question:

I have a question for our readers, unless of course there is already an answer, but so far I have been unable to find one!

What is the collective noun for slide rules?  I quite like a "clutch of slide rules" as they are tactile beasts, or perhaps a "scale of slide rules".  Please enlighten me if one already exists, or suggestions please, we could have some fun with this one!

I agree we could have some fun with this oneSerious or humorous, all suggestions are welcome.

A Very Happy Easter,


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