Re: Faber Castell 2/84 Mathema Also...

Charles Quinlan

I am interested as well, as I have one, in great condition, but without the "original" boxing, just the sleeve.
This is for insurance purposes since my insurance company is willing to cover items of "unusual" value if they have an idea (other than my own) as to the value.

Thanks, Charles

On Sunday, January 24, 2021, 08:02:05 AM PST, Maciej M. Sysło <syslo@...> wrote:

Hi Rod, ,could you estimate the price of FC 2/84
Best regards, Maciej

niedz., 24 sty 2021 o 14:45 Rod Lovett <rod@...> napisał(a):
Good afternoon all,
I have just received the following email.  Please contact François .directly if you are interested.



Dear Mister Lovett
I do not collect slide rules and I own two Faber Castell 2/84, in very fine condition, never used, in their green hard box (which green "coating" itself suffered a little bit of its age). 
Would you know any collector who would have an interest in purchasing one or both of them ?
Thank you in advance for your answer.
Best Regards from Paris-France,
François Granet
François Granet
+33 625 911 277


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