A group for people interested in slide rules.  Any discussion about the topic is very welcome:  How to use them, history, producers, repair, search for spare parts, manuals, types, simulations and much more. 

Please do not upload pictures anymore! Pictures shall go to and in general shall have no more than 200kByte in space. Pictures uploaded to this sliderule group may be deleted witout prior warning if available space runs low.

Please be aware that email attachments are not allowed and will cause your email to bounce.  If you want to include images in your emails to the group, you can do so by including them as links to external hosting sites.  Using "imgur" for this purpose is described at our wiki

Anybody can register for the group and after registration, you can change your settings and e.g. decide if you want to receive all emails, only digests, or no emails at all.  In the latter case, you can read all messages directly here.  

Except for your very first message, there is no moderation of messages you post, so they will be sent immediately to everybody on the list.  To fight spam, your very first message, however, will be moderated by one of the moderators/owners.  If you are located in a timezone around GMT plus 6-12 hours, and would like to volunteer as a moderator, we would very much like to hear from you.  Please send an email to the Group Owner address below. 

Originally a replacement for which has existed for years and has had many good discussions on the topic.  Changes at Yahoo Groups however makes it difficult to continue there.  Craig Kielhofer did this work and was managing the yahoo group for many years, mostly by himself.  It is thanks to him that we are able to do what we do today, and thanks to him, we still have a large group of people sharing their knowledge and interest in slide rules, that for almost any practical purposes are no longer in use.  

Keywords: sliderule, sliderules, Rechenschieber, Rechenstab

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