Re: Skype 8 does not work very well on Windows 7

Sarah k Alawami

Yeah they want you to use skype 7 on windows 7 even though it will be deprecated we don’t knwo when.

On Jul 4, 2018, at 12:53 PM, Josephine Hirsch <animalsloversjh@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I have discovered that Skype 8 do not work very well with Windows 7 because it makes things harder for me to check my voicemail on Skype 8. It doesn't very work well with Windows 7, and there ain't any ways to check your voicemail on Skype 8 becuase it is used for Windows 10 users. Skype 7.5.9 works better than the new version of Skype because I can check my voicemail on that one than the newer version of Skype.



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