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Doug Lee

There are now three Skypes for Windows, one for Mac, and one for iOS. I'll focus on Windows because I think that's what you're asking about. To my knowledge, the only one with a startup sound is Skype 7. How you add and remove
contacts is a bit different depending on which Skype you use. Below I will describe the three Skypes and present the available JAWS and NVDA alternatives of which I am aware. I don't know about Supernova support for these.

1. Skype 7, also called Skype Classic, is what you're used to. That is still available and was updated a month or two ago but will eventually go away. We don't have a timetable for that yet. The download link for that version is
My scripts at still work with this version, and NVDA includes built-in code to handle it. There is also new work being done on a specific Skype 7 addon for NVDA as of this week, though that work is in
an early state I'd say.

2. Skype 8, which is an Electron app (that's a development platform that looks somewhat webpage-like to us users), is a newer Skype intended for Windows versions older than Windows 10. I have initial scripts for it at and a simple NVDA addon for it at
It is possible, though a bit tricky, to run this version on Windows 10 as well, by forcing it to run in compatibility mode for Windows 8. The next Skype though is meant for Windows 10.
I have a vague sense that Skype 8 will not live long, though I currently find it to be the fastest version of the three and so I use it myself.

3. Skype UWP, also called Skype for Windows 10, comes from the Microsoft Store and is intended exclusively for Windows 10. I have JAWS scripts for this one at
Joseph Lee's Windows 10 App Essentials NVDA addon supports this version of Skype well enough that I did not find it necessary to write an addon for it myself.

On Fri, May 25, 2018 at 09:39:43PM +0100, Adrien wrote:

It is a very long time since I posted on the skype group some 2 or 3
years. However, My name is Adrien, I live in the uk. I like skype but
they have really changed it now.

I have a couple of questions.

On the new skype there is no start up sound, has this gone completely
or is there a way to get it back?

I used to use skyp as my phone and have loads of saved contacts, for
that I used skype talking but I assume that no longer works. In the
latest skype How can I edit or delete a contact? I am having to use
skype as my phone again as I need to use it to ring abroad now.

Finally, I use nvda, Jfw and super nova. Which is the best screen
reader for using with skype?

Ok now doubt with the new skype being so complex I'll have more
questions so good to be back with you guys.



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