Re: Classic Skype updated

Josephine Hirsch

I also tried to go back to the classic version of Skype, but it did not work out except I have to go back to the current version that I am using right now. The thing that I did not like is that I can't access my voicemail on this one.

Haven't figure out how to access my voicemail yet

On 3/26/2018 7:11 PM, Kimmie wrote:
Is this skype accessible for novices like me? I did update at one stage, and what a horrible version that was, so I ended up going back to the last one I had, and thank goodness for that. Bloody Microsoft! Woops sorry.

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Hello guys, as insubject, incredible but true! There is a classic Skype update, meaning version You can find it from the usual link:

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