Latest WDS catalogue 4 messages By Ken Harrison ·
A new look for Skychart After using the same small button icons for years, some since 15 years ago, a new set of button is now available. Thanks to the work of Mattia Verga based on the KDE Breeze theme we can now benefit of much cleaner, intuitive and homogeneous buttons. 2 messages By chefmike07 ·
EQMOD suggestions 3 messages By Arthur S. ·
Please seed gaia-dr1.torrent 3 messages By fix1234@... ·
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CDC Locking up 2 messages By Wayne Hawley ·
Feature Request:Specify timeout for Alpaca connection? 3 messages By Michael Fulbright ·
Still having a Problem with Cartes du ciel By Arthur S. ·
Problem with Cartes du ciel 8 messages By Arthur S. ·
Problem with Cartes du Ciel 20 messages By Arthur S. ·
Keeping a target on the chart 5 messages By Ray Stann ·
How to Add LDN Catalog? 8 messages By mikepoochpa@... ·
CdC onscreen view different than printed output? 9 messages By dryden@... ·
Horizon settings and slewing? By keith maslin ·
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pb with Hawaiian Standard Time (HST) 7 messages By Arnold Luc ·
Catalogs 2 messages By wcstarks@... ·
Configuring more than 10 FOV indicators? 3 messages By Roland Roberts ·
FOV Equations 2 messages By stargatecolorado ·
Start up CCDCiel , CDC (Skychart) INDI server in astroberry 2 - Procedure to get everybody connected? By Pat Browne ·
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