Unable to load pictures into CDC


I’m having a bit of an issue with a new install. 


I have installed the latest CDC beta on a new mini computer that I purchased for on scope imaging (the operating system is Windows 11 Pro). I also downloaded and installed all of the data sets and picture files. However when I start CDC it scans the picture directory but does not recognize or load any of the image files. They appear to be properly downloaded to the data/pictures/sac directory. Scanning and rescanning doesn’t work.

I also run CDC on two other computers running Win 10 with no issues.


Any suggestions for correcting this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



Patrick Chevalley

Please check the program and the pictures are installed in the same "Program Files" or "Program Files (x86)".
There is sometime mismatch when changing from 32bit to 64bit version.



Thanks Patrick, I checked and they appear to be in the correct folders. I’m thinking that I may be dealing with a corrupt file in the picture data because  when I initially loaded CDC on the new computer I used and archived copy of the picture files. When I couldn’t access the picture files I uninstalled CDC but not the picture files and did a reinstall with no success. So what I plan to do now is uninstall everything including the picture files, reinstall CDC, download a fresh copy of the picture files and install it using the attached install file. 

Hopefully that will correct the issue….I’ll let you know.


The complete uninstall/reinstall seems to have done the trick

Thanks again