Cartes du Ciel sync telescope


Cartes du Ciel tracks the telescope to the object position. I readjust the real position manually. I click "sync" to tell to CdC the real position of the object.
CdC doesn't sync, it says "Error: SyncToTarget() RaDec sync was rejected"
Days ago, I could sync perfectly. Whithout any change, it stopped working
What could happen?

Patrick Chevalley


This message is from your ASCOM driver, it refuse to sync at the given position.
In the new beta version I prefix all this message with  "The ASCOM driver report an error" to avoid confusion with CdC messages.

This message is frequent with Eqmod, are you using Eqmod? In this case you can probably find more information in the Eqmod messages (click the green + button until you see the messages).



Hi Patrik,
Yes, I use Eqmod.
What do you mean when you say: (click the green + button until you see the messages)?


Hi Josep,

Under the big "E EQMOD", top left, there is a button with a screen and a green "+". Click on this twice and you get to the Message Centre. The "E EQMOD" is also an active button, though it doesn't look like it, clicking on this will take you to the ASCOM Trace facility.

You probably know this already, but EQMOD will not sync if the sync point is:
  1. too close to the celestial pole (within about 5 degrees or maybe more)
  2. correcting a misalignment of more than 15 degrees

Hope this helps.

Cheers, Jim 

Ken Harrison

A bit off topic but, in EQMod when you click on Message Centre, "save to file" - where is this file saved???? I can't seem to find it.

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Hi Ken,

I think it's in "C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\EQMOD" and is called "messagelog1.txt". The 1 may be an incrementing number.#

In File Manager's folder bar, just enter %appdata%/EQMOD, which will take you straight to the directory.

Cheers, Jim 


Thanks Jim,
I could not prove it yet.
I guess that I try to sync telescope more than 15 degrees.