CdC shows k Puppis as kappa Puppis


According to various sources, Bayer designated this star rho Navis.  Much later, Lacaille decided the Argo Navis constellation was too large and proposed three smaller constellations (Carina, Vela, Puppis) to replace it.  In doing so, he also re-designated the brightest stars across all three in a single Bayer-style sequence (Greek for the brightest, then Latin) to remove any duplicates and triplicates.  The result was that rho Navis became (Latin) k Puppis, and rho was used to re-designate a different star in Puppis.  There never was a kappa Puppis, but catalogers since Lacaille have often mistakenly assumed the Latin 'k' was a Greek 'κ'. 

To further muddy the picture, k Puppis is actually three stars according to the WDS, comprised of k01 Pup (HD 61555), k02 Pup (HD 61556), and a faint third member, UCAC2 20804910.

Unfortunately, a CdC search for (Latin) "k Pup" returns nothing, while a search on any other designation for the star displays the label "Kap01 Pup" both onscreen and in the details dialog for the found item.  I'm just hoping this can be corrected so the star is labelled "k Pup".  Thanks.

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