UCAC4 stars and failed Simbad searches from Details popup



This is more a question about SIMBAD searches than CdC, but the folks here are easier to reach than the SIMBAD support. :-)

As you all know, clicking on a star in CdC and the resulting label will display a Details popup listing key astronometric parameters of the selected star.  At the bottom of that popup are links to various services like SIMBAD, VizieR, and others.  These links are very useful, but after I recently installed the UCAC4 catalogue and index I'm not getting the sorts of results I would expect from SIMBAD.  For example, a star known as UCAC4-708-028153 in CdC results in a SIMBAD error "Identifier not found in the database : UCAC4 708-028153"  I confirmed this by opening up SIMBAD outside of CdC and conducting the same search using the format UCAC4 FFF-NNNNNN just as SIMBAD specifies in its nomenclature guide, but with the same result.

So I suppose my questioni is: Are both my search methods incorrect for finding UCAC4 data on SIMBAD, or is the UCAC4 data wholly or partially unavailable in SIMBAD?

Thanks in advance,

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