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Welcome to the Escapees' SOLOS Bulletin Board (also known as SKP SOLOS)

This board is for members of the Escapees SOLOS Birds of a Feather (BOF) Group. Membership in Escapees RV Club and the SOLOS Birds of a Feather group are both necessary. Visit and for more information about membership.

The primary Solos website contains current information about the SOLOS group as well as contact info and upcoming events. Also copies of past newsletters and other general information. is a group messaging platform. Any member of the group may send a message to all other members of the group. Messages should be brief and cover subjects of general interest to BOF members.

To prevent messages from becoming extremely long, when replying, please delete all of the original message except for the part(s) that directly relates to your message and change the Subject Line if the topic changes.

If you receive messages through the Daily Digest (you receive one email with a day's worth of messages in it), and you want to reply to a specific message in the digest, you will need to change your subject line so it matches the topic.

Also, please be sure to delete most of the quoted text in your reply -- you don't want to send the entire digest back again! Not only would it be a long, long, message, but no one will know which message you are replying to! Some members are on a measured data plan and unnecessary data can get expensive for them. Besides, it's considered good netiquette!

If your reply is for only one person, DO NOT use the email "Reply" function. Rather, create a new message in your browser and enter the person's email address in the "To:" field. Or Forward the email and enter their email address in the "To:" field. 

In addition to sending messages, uploading files or photos, there is a calendar function and a polling function. At this time, these are open to any member to post information. and our Escapees Solos group policy prohibits commercial activities. Any message promoting a commercial activity of any kind will be removed by the moderators.

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