Re: [SIMCA Cars] 2x 1000s! In Arizona

I'd love to have them, but am committed with the NSUs. My wife understands
(more or less) when I get more of what I have already, but really gets
irate when I talk about a different make, especially when it's a complete

A shame, because the Simca 1000s look to be so much easier than an NSU
1000. Bolt on everything except the roof as opposed to completely welded
front fenders etc.

Good news for me anyways is that I've got a line on a good NSU 1000 shell..
still don't have any interior though.

On Thu, Jan 31, 2013 at 8:44 PM, Dietzdrummer <dietzdrummer@...> wrote:

I had a long talk with Darryl today who is overseeing the sale. I told him
what restored cars are worth, and what the European market is, and what the
selling price is on E-bay It, Fr, and De, and that 2400-3600 can buy a road
worthy Simca 1000. He stated that he had no idea, so just put a price on
them hoping some one familiar with the cars would contact him. The cars
need to go, so reasonable offer will be excepted. I told him I thought
800-1000 would be reasonable, if the engines were not froze up. If the
engines are froze, 500-800.

Real nice guy, if anyone wants his cell, let me know. David Dietz.

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On Jan 31, 2013, at 7:16 PM, Jeff Ellis joydivision350125@...>

The one with the Texas plates is 1965 or older, not a 67 as advertised.
The one with the CA plates has backup lights, so that one probably is a 67.

Jeff Ellis
Baltimore, MD

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I'd buy them if the guy lets them go reasonably, but I'm permanently
bogged down with NSU stuff.. probably for the rest of my life. Not so bad
as long as I get one looking good while I still have hair ;)

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