Re: [SIMCA Cars] Simca dealers

Chrysler has never done the 'import' car very well.

They also didn't excel at running the European car companies they bought.

It's hard to say why and surely Chrysler isn't the only NA car company to
bodge imported marks and models. Possibly part of it has to do with that
until quite recently, North American cars were very conservatively/lazily

I have a real hard time thinking of actual innovations or real improvements
that happened in short succession in the 60s.

"The Valiant was launched in
The car was European in nature, from its high-revving engine to its
curvaceous body; it had an alternator (a Chrysler first), a
and a torsion bar <> suspension, once unique to
expensive cars, for superior handling."

So in 1959 we have a somewhat ground breaking event. But what improvements
or significant changes happened from 1959 to 1974 for Mopars? They went
through a few engine and intake designs, but that's all I can think of.
Possibly disk brakes up front?

So if all you're selling is unibody, torsion bar suspended, RWD cars, and
this weird FWD thing comes along...

On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 10:25 AM, thomas <thenceroth@...> wrote:

I recently spoke with an elderly gentleman who was a service manager at a
local Mopar dealer in the Simca era. Though my past conversation have been
pretty foggy, he was very "with it" last time. He said when the 1204 came
out, they were almost like UFOs, and there was barely any training
available for the service people, and replacement parts often were
backordered, often requiring them to borrow parts from new, unsold cars. He
said that Simca's stiffest competition came from their used car lot, and
most used cars had no window stickers. Oftentimes folks offered
higher-than-asking prices for sharp used cars, while there was nowhere to
go but down with new cars--and Simca prices were at the bottom at that. He
also said there was an unspoken deal between the dealers and local bankers
that made it a bit harder to finance a Simca, compared to a Valiant, for
instance. There's a lot more, but I thought this may open up some
discussion for now. Thanks.

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