February 1, 2018: Lunch Date (Maggie/James) JP No Tags

Morgan Jackson

James leaned against the railing outside the cafe, a sunny grin on his face as he waited for his lunch date to show.  He was dressed nice, but still casual in dark jeans and a gray button up. He has planned to go more casual but Allison threatened him with her rules of a first date speech, and well he bowed to her as always. Reaching into his back pocket, he almost growled when he cam up with just a sugar free lollipop and tried to remember all the reasons why he no longer smoked.

James couldn't help it, as soon as she walked up he gave her a goofy grin before bowing. "Mi'lady, your coffee awaits." He looked up hoping she would laugh.

Her expression was amused, even if she didn't outright laugh. "You seem to be in a good mood." she commented. "I take it you're having a good day?"

He paused for a moment,thinking over the morning before answering. "Yes, yes I am. What about you?" He held the door open for her as he asked the question.

She nodded her thanks and walked through, "Pretty good. I had an engaged couple come in and taste cake samples all morning. So, it was sort of singularly focused, but not bad,"

James made an amused sound. "I have an engaged couple coming in later tonight for dancing lessons. Wonder if it's the same group?" He mused.  He led her to a table in the middle of the room, where everyone could see them hoping it would make her more comfortable.

"It probably is, small town and all," Once they were at their table, she took a seat and waited for him to do the same. "I hope you have a LARGE amount of patience if it is the same couple. Nice, but indecisive and demanding."

"Can't be worse than the people I use to work for. Slave drivers honestly." He shook his head slightly which was the only indication that he wasn't joking. "Having sat down with the couple, I think it'll go well and if it doesn't that's why Ali will be there. She's good at keeping everything on track."

"I chalk it up to being engaged." Maggie mused."I have special rules for those people because someone else on a normal day would get their head bitten off. Can't stand it."

"I might need that list of rules, you know just in case, this is our first engaged couple." He stopped for a second before adding. "That is not something I even thought I would say." He laughed, slightly. "Other then the engaged couple how's the bakery going?"

"Gladly. I think any level headed business person would do well rules specifically for engaged people," she actually let out a short laugh at this. "Otherwise, it's going about as well as ever. I always get busy around the holidays because people have special requests."

"I'm glad your busy. Means things are good right." He waved the barista over. "So how long do you have?"

"That's what I tell myself before I decide to start throwing things at the customers." She agreed. "And, technical as long as I like. I'm the boss and all."

"I'm not sure if you and Allison should hang out or not because she said something similar to me yesterday." He paused to order a drink and sandwich. "True just wasn't sure exactly how long you had before you have to get back."

"I'm sort of a play it by ear kind of person." Maggie explained. "At some point I will need to get back but for now my employees have it covered."

"We closed down for the afternoon so I have as much time as you can give me."

"Well let's see how this goes?" She suggested, then turned to accept a menu from the server.

"I'm good with that." He said shuting up so she could order food

Once she's given her order, she handed the menus back to the server and waited for James to do the same.

Ordering his food James looked back at Maggie. "Thank you for agreeing to come out with me."

"I'm having fun so far," Maggie admitted. "Hope you can say the same."

"I am." He said with a nod. "So what's your favorite book?"

"I don't have a favorite. Really, anything with a good mystery I'll be into. What about you."

"Mysteries are good. I have several of them. I'm more into sci-fi and fantasy myself. Currently reading The Dresden Files which are a very good mix of fantasy and mystery."

"That's pretty cool," she said and then paused to thank the server who placed her drink in front of her. "I like fantasy genre in theory. Movies and tv shows and all. Books are harder to get into for me unless they are super well written."

"Have you heard of The Librarians? It's pretty good and you don't need to have any background in the books to understand the show. You might liken It."

"Might have to check it out." Maggie's agreed. "It's like, I can enjoy Harry Potter, for example, because everything i need to know is there in the books. I don't need companion books and histories to get it."

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