January 29, 2018 Text Message to Marsh from Maggie

Morgan Jackson

Maggie: So...want to do me a favor?

Marsh: Unfortunately, I'm reading your text in Maggie-speak, and I am immediately suspicious.

Maggie: Why are you automatically suspicious. It's just a tiny favor from one friend to another.

Marsh: This is Maggie, right? I'm pretty sure you're responsible for 50% of the trouble I got into in high school. Cam was responsible for the other 50%. And that would be why I'm suspicious.

Maggie: Be fair. You were responsible for at least, like 10% of the trouble you got into.Besides, my favor won't get you into trouble.

Marsh: I somehow still don't believe you, but what is it that you want, exactly?

Maggie: I would like for you to sign up for that VDay auction the town is doing. Good cause and all.

Marsh: You do realize that you're asking possibly the most boring person in this town to participate, right? I own a bookstore. Who would even want to bid on me?

Maggie: For God's sake. You aren't boring, and frankly you're a sexy guy. You'll have bids, obviously.

Marsh: I think you might be the only person to have ever called me sexy, and my dating history would argue that I'm not going to get bid on.

Maggie: I know for a fact that's not true. I've heard plenty of people call you that. Besides, your dating history isn't much different than mine as of late, and I'm not worried about my own sexiness. So will you do it? Please 😃

Marsh: Only because you asked, and because I have zero plans for Valentine's Day. You owe me chocolate cake though.

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