December 10, 2017: Dates with a Stranger (Maggie/James)

Morgan Jackson

James sighed into his phone for a second time in 4 minutes. "Okay so I think I've got the order this time. Just repeat it once more for me," he said into his phone as he waved yet another customer ahead of him. "Okay okay yeah. I've got it, but I do have to ask, you realize I'm a dancer not a juggler right? This is going to take skills above and beyond what I've got and that's saying something." He joked.

"Yeah I know," he responded to Allison on the other side of the line. "If I don't get you and the girls your chocolate and coffee I'll probably be sacrificed to some horrible pagan gods. Yes I'll see you in a bit." He paused. "I might have to ask for help though," he told her before hanging up.

Glancing up to see who was still in front of him, James was started to realize he was the only person in line. "Brownie Goddess!" He exclaimed when he saw who was behind the counter. "I asked for a miracle, and you have arrived." He gave Maggie a cheeky grin.

Maggie was loading newly prepared cupcakes into the display case when a familiar face and nickname greeted her. "Couldn't get enough of me, huh?" She joked as she sat the tray aside for a moment. "What can I get you then?"

James grinned "I will never get enough of the brownie goddess who dances like a dream." He half joked before pulling out a list from his pocket. "I need everything on this list and then someone to help restore my sanity."

Maggie reached over the counter and took the list, scanning it briefly before turning to the shelf to remove the customized boxes she provided for larger orders. "Looks like you're really popular if you have enough people to eat all this."

"First day of classes with a lot of students and a bunch of the girls from our dancing troop from New York decided to surprise us." he shrugged.

"Not the worst way to spend the day," She commented as she began filling the boxes.

"Oh I'm not complaining. I adore those girls just wish one of then thought to help."

"That happens when people start turning into groups."

"Trust me I know. I'm normally their delivery person. Its worse to now that Allison's in the wheelchair."

"If you're running deliveries for everyone that would make it more difficult. Lot more of a demand."

"It's alright. Honestly I don't mind as long as I don't spill the coffee all over myself again."

"Is that a problem you encounter often? Spilling coffee all over yourself I mean."

"Only three or four times in the last year. Don't asked about anything before that," he said with a small laugh and an eye roll

"Not the worst I've heard of." Maggie closed the box lid and then carried the stack back to the front counter. "Anything else I can get for you? I have coffee lids."

James made an exaggerated thinking face before deciding to just go with it like Allison had suggesting. "How about dinner the next time your free?"

Maggie paused in her movement. It had been forever since someone had asked her out, though she chalked that up to the fact that she was a little quirky for some people's taste. "Umm we barely know each other," She pointed out.

James thought about that for a moment. "I know you work here. I know your a brownie goddess, have a pretty good sense of humor and common decency and I know you can dance. The rest of it, well that's what dating is for."

"The name issue never crossed your mind then?"

"My hope was to leave with both it and a set time." He shrugged

She leaned against the counter and considered the options. "Okay, but during the day in front of people."

"I'm good with that. Do you have any good allergies brownie goddess?"

"Just like pollen and such. No food allergies."

"Do you have a restaurant or cafe you really like but don't get to go to often?"

"I work a lot so anywhere would be nice."

"Alright. So I'm available pretty much when ever but as you just said you work a lot. So what would work best for you?"

He seemed eager and Maggie didn't know how she felt about that, but she thought. "Lunch tomorrow work?"

"Lunch tomorrow works. Should I meet you here?" He asked trying to push down his nervous excitement

"That sounds like a plan." Maggie nodded. "And I carry pepper spray so don't why any crazy ideas."

James laughed for a few moments at that. "Oh dear you must know some crazy people for that to be your go to line." He leaned on the counter for a moment.  "I lived on New York for years. If you didn't have some type of weapon I would be worried."

"It's really the safe, honest way to approach this kind of thing with a nearly perfect stranger." Maggie replied, her lips quirked up in a grin. "I take it the dance thing was your business in New York?"

He nodding in acknowledgement. "Before her accident Allison and I help to lead a small dance troop on Broadway and such. Nothing to big." He shrugged not adding what else they did in case it scared her off. "Alright so before I have to go I'm James May. What's your name brownie goddess."

"I will save asking how you both ended up here for our date." Maggie said as she punched the order into the cash register so she could ring him up. "It's Maggie Palmer." She pointed to the amount and watched as he side a card through the reader. She handed a receipt over when the transaction was complete.

"I look forward to answering all your questions then Maggie." James tipped his head in goodbye as he gathered all the boxes

"See you then."


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