December 7, 2017: Text Message from Maggie to Cameron

Morgan Jackson

Maggie: So...random dude called me a Brownie Goddess. WTF? Am I supposed to be flattered? I have no idea how to react to that one.

Cameron snorted at the text message, and quickly thumbed one back:

Cameron: You run, sweetheart. Just run. Because, as wonderful as your brownies are (and they are amazing, and I'm not just saying that because I hate baking), you do not want a man who appreciates your baking first.

Maggie laughed at the response she received.

Maggie: That would work if weird dude was not a paying customer. Running away makes it look like I don't like him. You tried though!

Cam snickered and replied:

Cameron: Then just walk very, very fast. Maybe to my place. I have more unpacking to do, and need someone to motivate my ass. And bring the brownies with you.

Maggie nodded to herself, a mental reminder to pick up some brownies from her shop before heading over.

Maggie: Be there soon, though why you think I'd be good at motivating you, I'll never know..

Cameron looked at the mess of open boxes and half-full shelves.

Cameron: Because you'll give me that look that says you're disappointed in me, and then I'll feel like a loser, so I'll have to fix it. So, win-win. My place gets un-fucked, and you get to boss me around.

Maggie: Oh, well obviously. Bossing you around is fun. You should start with that in the future.

Cam laughed when he read that message, and typed a quick reply:

Cameron: Noted. Lead with the bossing. Will do.

Cameron: Now get your butt over here and help me!

Maggie: Be there in a few. We really to discuss why you enjoy me bossing you around so much.

Cameron: Because it makes you happy, and I live to make you happy.

Maggie: That's actually very sweet.

Cameron: Shh... You're the only one who gets to see that side of me.

Maggie: Who am I going to tell? I don't think the cupcakes care, and I'm sure Marsh knows.

Cameron: The cupcakes know better than to tell... They're going to be eaten, and completely unreliable as witnesses as a result. They'll say anything to keep from being snacks. As for Marsh... I don't think he hangs out with anyone else to tell.

Maggie: Your knowledge of the ways of the cupcake could be disturbing.

Cameron: I blame you, and your cupcake creation talents. I've had to start working out more, because I keep buying your cupcakes. I don't know if I should worship you or curse you.

Maggie: Worship me. Obviously. For reasons.

Cameron: Yes, many reasons. Too numerous to detail without cupcakes. ;)

Maggie: Sometimes I think you use me for my cupcakes

Cameron: But you could use me for whatever you want ;)

Maggie: And you're sure that's the statement you want to go with ;)

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