November 1, 2017 Behind Big Brother's Back

Morgan Jackson

Sherrie's Bakery
11 AM
Lucy Watkins, Maggie Palmer

Her chores done for the day, Lucy picked up some fancy coffee and donuts from the local coffee place and made her way to Sherrie's. She bounced down the street, bright red raincoat flapping behind like a cape, always just to the right or left of people who were in her path. It suddenly dawned on her that this was the wrong thing to do and might splash coffee all over the bag, so she settled into a more even pace, still humming happily to herself, and arrived at the bakery a little before noon. 

It took Lucy a little to slow down, so she almost skidded into the door, but stopped herself at the last moment, hands out in front of her on either side of the doorway. She regained her composure, acting like she wanted to do that. Because of course she meant to do that. With a toss off her head, she opened the door to the bakery and strode in, still a little bounce to her step, head held high. Upon reaching the counter, she waited patiently until she saw Maggie, and then held the bag up and mouthed break? Her eyes lighting up with mischief as she did

Maggie had been in the middle of pulling a pan of newly baked cupcakes from her oven in back when she heard the chime from her electronic bell sound.With a sigh, she sat the pan on the cooling rack and brushed her hands on the black apron hanging around her out of habit. When she moved out of the back kitchen and towards the counter, she offered a smile to the person she saw there. It was a shame that Maggie didn't get to see Lucy more often, but in those moments when they both had time, she was more than happy to see her and catch up. Since there were some customers in the store, she held up one finger to silently indicate she'd be with Lucy in a moment, she quietly explained to her employee that she was taking a break.

Once done, she shed her apron and stepped from behind the counter to greet Lucy. "I wasn't expecting to see you today." she commented, giving her a one armed hug that wouldn't jostle the bag the other woman was carrying. "So what is going on that brought you my way?"

"I kind of need your help with a thing." Lucy said. "And there's the first big snow in, like, two days, so I want to do all the walking around I can before I'm stuck at the B&B. Even if it's supposed to thunder like crazy today." She set the bag down and hugged Maggie. "There, that's better. So anyway, I wanted your help. And to bribe you with all kinds of fancy coffee. And see you, because usually I'm working up there, and things are kind of easy today." She stopped short. "Oh! And there are donuts! I know, you make better ones here, but these are ones you don't have to make."

"Anytime you feel like bringing me something that I didn't have to make, it becomes that much better." Maggie's tease was playful, and she hoped that it would be taken that way. She motioned towards the table and chairs in a corner and then proceeded in that direction where she took a seat and waited to see if Lucy would join her. "So what thing do you need my help with? I like to know details so I can plan my deviousness accordingly. You understand how that goes."

"Wellllll..." Lucy sat down, rolling her eyes dramatically to the left like she was evading the question, "I kind of know you better than pretty much anyone in town other than my big brother, and I'm not sure he'd help me with this..." she paused, "But I'm turning twenty-one and I wanna throw a big party at Antlers on the Lake to celebrate me finally getting my drink on." She folded her hands on the table. 

"And there's a chance that my big brother won't let me, because the B&B is technically his..." Lucy made this sound like little more than an inconvenience rather than a major thing. "But come on! It'd be perfect! And I need help with all that stuff. Like a guest list. And a booze list. And stuff like that." She pursed her lips. "And yeah, maybe figuring out how to still do it there if Mr. Stick in the Mud says no..."

Maggie nodded and then waived a hand dismissively at the idea that Cam might object. "I would be glad to help," Maggie assured Lucy. "Besides, experience tells me that getting forgiveness after the fact is always much better than begging permission. Especially," she added, "if you are already suspecting that the answer is going to be negative." She didn't imagine that Cam would be too put out with then either way.

"Of course, if we are absolutely 100 percent forbidden, we can find somewhere else." Silver Lake was small so it was easier to say than actually do. "But with the possibility of being snowed in, it might be the best place." She scratched he chin in thought. "Has he indicated that he is against it?"

"It's me and a bunch of people my age getting drunk in a B&B in the off season." Lucy looked at Maggie a little blankly. "And blazing it. And probably getting a little wild." She smiled a little. "Well, and you, because you're practically one of my best friends in the whole freakin' town and I'm not having my first legal drink without you." It was sort of sad she didn't have friends around her own age, but there wasn't much she could do about that.

Maggie nodded again in solidarity to the planned venture. "I don't think there is anything wrong with that pursuit, and of course I have to be there for all the reasons you mentioned. Besides, I make delicious food that goes with the booze and smokes as you well know. It's only natural that I participate right?" she grinned and patted Lucy on the hand. "So to the important stuff. What sort of delicious foods do we want?"

"I thought I'd leave catering up to you." Lucy responded. "It's not really a thing I want much control over. Fried stuff, of course, and donuts, and pretty much anything I can think of that's bad for people but tastes really good." She was fine with eating healthy when she had to, but she wanted to make a bigger splash here, and to be honest, they'd need to soak up some of the liquor that they would no doubt be drinking throughout the evening. "Hey, think I should have a breakfast for the survivors?" she joked.

"Then I promise you, it will be epic, and the food will be exactly the right thing to pair with all the fun." Maggie insisted in a matter of fact tone. "I mean, really. You gave me the easiest job you could have given a person." She gave the matter of breakfast a thought. "I would think we would need to do something like that. Something with toast and probably Bloody Mary's. Those are always good 'morning after' drinks."

"Bloody Marys would work." Lucy said. "And yeah, I gave you the easiest job. I have the hardest, everyone else just has to show up." She laughed. "So you're in? And now I have the job of talking to Cam about it. I think I'll wait for a day when he's in a really good mood." She clasped her hands. "So, anything else you're doing today? I don't get much time to stop in here this time of year..."

"Of course I'm in." Maggie sounded a though there had been no other reasonable option other than yes as she nodded. "And Cam is easy to deal with. You simply tell him that it is happening, and he can smile and deal with it or he can actively participate in all the fun." That was always the sort of attitude she took when it came to the possibility of something she wanted to do meeting disagreements. "Pretty much, I'm just working. Lots of special orders this time of year on top of everything else."

"Really? I thought that'd at least take, like, a few months." Lucy said, eyes wide. "Unless everyone's ordering stuff before they get snowed in or something?" She took a sip of her peppermint coffee and made a tiny squealing noise as she realized it was too hot, putting her hands to her mouth. "Ow." she said, distorted by the tip of her tongue being burnt all to hell. "And Cam can be tough sometimes. And he's technically my boss..."

"From about mid-October through the end of February, it's nothing but special orders for parties and events." It made sense to Maggie, given that so many holidays were going on during these months. Maggie snapped out of her thoughts as Lucy manage to burn herself. "Now your taste buds will be out of wack for a day or two..." she pointed out. "He's not mine though. I'm not afraid of Cam in the least."

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