May 20, 2018 Text from Maggie to Marshall (Maggie) Tags Marsh

Morgan Jackson

Maggie: So, I heard a rumor about a calendar. And Nudity. Featuring my dear friend. I need like 10 of those.

Marshall: Lies. All lies. 

Seconds later.

Marshall: Cam told you, didn't he? That traitor.

Maggie: In fairness, Cam wasn't the only person who told me. And since its true, when can I get one 😀😃

Marshall: Each of us has some to sell. Next time I get some cupcakes, I'll bring one. But promise me not to look at it until I'm gone.

Maggie: I guess that sounds fair...I can still hang it up in my shop right?

Marshall: Ughhhh... If you must. I mean, it's not like telling you 'no' a going to help, and the damned things will be all over town anyway.

Maggie:If you put your foot down about it, I would hang it up in my office where only I would see it :D

Marshall: Somehow, that just makes it creepy.

Maggie: There is just no pleasing you.

Marshall: There is! Like... cream puffs. I could kill for a cream puff right now.

Maggie: I can send some over if you like.

Marshall: I'm dropping off the calendar, remember? I'll just steal some then.

Maggie:True...I suppose if you can wait that's acceptable
Marshall:Who said anything about waiting? I'm on my way already.

Maggie: Sounds like waiting to me

Marshall: I guess? I'm walking over, with the calendar in a paper bag. It looks like I'm transporting a dirty magazine.
Maggie: Are you getting dirty looks. I'll get Mrs. Higginbotthom to come out of her shop so she can give you a dirty look!

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