April 5, 2018: Text From Maggie Tag Any

Morgan Jackson

Maggie: Oh my god...Lucas and Lindsay want me to bake them a third wedding cake. They got married last year. WTF? I'm saying no.

Cam saw the text and sighed. He felt Maggie's pain.

Cameron: Ugh - God, save your sanity. They certainly won't. They're trying to get me to cater something for them... I'm like, me and what staff????

Maggie: It's like they do not understand that I have a business to run. And please, you could snap your fingers and have half the town following you. I'm referring them to you ;)

Cameron: I hate you. Seriously. I don't want to cook for them, and I sure as fuck do not want to BAKE for them. You know how I feel about baking.

Maggie: Come on Cam. He calls me Magster...

Cameron: He calls me Bro. I am not a bro. Last time I checked I didn't wear cargo shorts, wife beaters and backwards ball caps. I have more fashion sense than that.

Maggie: Fine. When I kill him, you're dealing with the body.

Cameron: Fine. I know plenty of places to hide a body, especially after helping during the flooding.

Maggie: That's a bit morbid. Need a cupcake?

Cameron: No, not a cupcake. Maybe pumpkin cheesecake. I've had a craving for that.

Maggie: Come by later and get some then. You can drag the body out when you leave.

Cameron: Fine. I'm bringing dinner, and wine

Maggie: I knew there was a reason I liked you.

Cameron: You love me, and you know it. Any special requests for dinner?

Maggie: Yeah, yeah. Surprise me.You know what I like.

Cameron: Cool. I'll be at your place around seven thirty then. Dinner will be ready to eat.

Maggie: Sounds good. See you in a bit.

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