February 15, 2018: Text Message to Lucy from Maggie

Morgan Jackson

Maggie: So how is your date going? Is it fun? Is it hot? Gotta give me details cause I've living vicariously through you

Lucy: I am, like, three-quarters assing this, and the cupcakes are helping a little. Still a little mad.

Maggie: Why are you mad? You got what you wanted...sort of us. Person is the same at least. I got Marsh and he's fun so :D

Lucy: I wanted a quiet night in. THIS IS SO NOT THAT.

Maggie: What stopped you? Could have happened after the auction.

Lucy: Trish. She paid for me, so now I have to treat her like a lady and have a proper date and shit. So I'm wearing a bridesmaid's dress I stole. 

(ten seconds later) 

Lucy: Thanks for the cupcakes. 

Maggie: You're welcome. We're going to do something about that bridesmaid's dress later...

Lucy: I'm keeping it. I'm definitely a winter, right? It goes with my color palette.

Maggie: If it's the one I'm thinking of it's, pretty but not date wear. Oh honey ...

Lucy: I'm pretty sure about half of this isn't date wear, but I'm wearing it on my date so :P

Maggie: You know what I mean Lady.  Have fun :D

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