February 14, 2018 Girly Things are Strange (Maggie) Tag Lucy

Morgan Jackson

Maggie looked in the bag of makeup, occasional shifting a compact or pulling out a piece to further examine. It was always interesting when someone else's stuff ended up in your lap and you had the chance to snoop through it. In this case, she had somehow managed to assign herself the task of preparing Lucy for the Auction later that evening, and she was looking forward to seeing how people reacted. She herself had been talked into signing up, but she wasn't too concerned with it. Really, Maggie had not even considered how she planned on dressing or anything.

"Okay," she said looking up at Lucy, "before we get started you need to decide what kind of look you're going for and also tell me what you're wearing." She wasn't going to be responsible for any clashing that might occur.

Lucy wasn't particularly happy about most of this. "Um...one that's comfortable on me?" she hazarded. It wasn't like she had a lot of options as far as this went. It wasn't like she wanted to. Had she her way, it would have been her in PJs curled up to Trish and maybe some very low-key sexytimes. But no, she would have to get dressed up and smile politely for people and get bid on. Stupid cupcakes.

"Actually, I really have no freaking idea." she said, "I mean, there was that red dress I wore to the party..."

Fair enough, or so Maggie thought. It wasn't exactly like she'd given any thought about what she was wearing. "I can deal with that. Cat eye looks good with everything. Cool with you?" she asked even as she pulled out the items she'd need to do that. "And it would definitely look good with that red dress. I'm surprised you still have it actually."

"It's not like I ripped it off or anything." Lucy said. "It's rare I actually have a dress in my specific but hard-to-pinpoint style." She thought about it. "Could you do wings? Like, really thick Cleopatra wings?"

"That was my point. I don't see you in dresses a lot." Maggie said, strangely agreeing with Lucy's explanation. "And of course. Believe it or not, despite my normal flour dusted visage, I can do some cool shit with makeup from time to time." she located the foundation brush, the actual foundation, so concealer, and a sponge for blending. "So, who have you arranged to bid on you tonight then? Someone good?"

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